Type of Comic: Observational, Conversational   Rating: G-PG13

Carolyn Agnew

Comedienne extraordinaire, Mother, Grandmother, observer of life and all its peculiarities...

Carolyn’s voice is about life and how you have to live it and learn from it! Her comedy is hard-hitting because that’s how life is, hard and it will blindside you if you aren’t careful. 

Carolyn’s material ranges from raising a child in these times, the work environment and social issues.  She is proud to stand as a grown woman in comedy.

A single mom who raised a child that went on to graduate with National Honors, Carolyn has debunked all the myths associated with single parenting in real life and onstage.

 Carolyn has spent years working in underpaying jobs and was never appreciated for the talent she brought to the table.  Carolyn took a giant leap of faith and embarked on a full-time comedy career in her 40’s. 

 Carolyn Agnew became interested in a comedy career in 1988.  On a dare, she went and did an open mic at a local comedy club. It was after that first performance she was self-declared “bitten by the comedy bug.”

Carolyn spent the next two years developing her act on audiences in the Washington D.C. Baltimore areas, paying her dues with Dave Chappelle, Wanda Sykes, and Patton Oswald.

 With the birth of her only child, Carolyn left stand-up comedy.  Being a single parent, Carolyn believed, in order to raise her child, she would need to pursue a more stable career field and returned to school to earn a degree in Mass Communications. After an eight years hiatus, Carolyn returned to her stand-up roots. Carolyn believes, “When God gives you a talent you use it, otherwise, you will never truly be fulfilled.  Comedy truly fulfills me.”

Carolyn has tapped into her real-life experiences and brings to the stage one hilarious abstract view of life.

 Carolyn, originally from St. Louis Missouri, has worked extensively in clubs and colleges, has done corporate functions and military installations. Her humor is universal enough to reach a wide audience. She is fresh, innovative and most importantly FUNNY!!!!

 When asked what is the next stop for Carolyn after comedy? She simply replies, “ONLY DEATH.”